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Life can be tough.

It's okay to ask for help.

NEED HELP NOW?  Dial 988 for Statewide Crisis Line

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Our Initiatives

Resources are available in Dickinson County and we want to make sure you know that there is help if you need it. Continue to check back often as we will be updating additional resources in the coming weeks.

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Here to Help!

The world’s a tough place to navigate for anyone these days – on top of what day-to-day stressors  can bring. Mental health isn’t something that any of us can afford to let fall by the wayside. There’s help if you or someone you know is struggling. 

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Recent News

The Dickinson County Behavioral Health Coalition recently received a grant to ensure all community members are aware of the resources available. A farm and school outreach program has already kicked off and are just the start of many more outreach campaigns to come. 


Click here for a list of resources available. We will continue to update this list over the next few months to ensure the resources and materials are current and accurate. 

NEED HELP NOW?  Dial 988 for Statewide Crisis Line

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