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About Dickinson County Behavioral Health Coalition

The Dickinson County Behavioral Health Coalition was formed as the result of input from the recently conducted public health assessments to help raise awareness of mental health issues and resources that are available in the Iowa Great Lakes area. 

“Together we’re meeting with partners across different sectors, such as school districts, many different behavioral health providers, therapists, and the hospital," said Katy Burke with Dickinson County Public Health. "We’re really excited to build these different outreach activities and get people connected to the support they need.”

The group meets every other month to discuss challenges and needs in the county. Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Katy Burke at 712-339-6050.

The Community Health Needs Assessment in 2022 showed that residents of Dickinson County believe that Mental Health, Dental Health Access, and Affordable Transportation are the three greatest healthcare needs affecting our community. Below are key findings from a 2023 Mental Health America study which show the national need for a focus on mental health services. 

Mental Health America 2023 Key Findings.png
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